Injex Institute

Injex Institute is a training facility for medical professionals to gain knowledge and experience in the field of cosmetic injectables.

We offer specialized courses, mentorship and 1-on-1 training opportunities.

Learn from industry leaders and get the hands-on experience needed to start a career in the field of cosmetic injectables at Injex Institute.

Courses and Training

Introduction to Injectables

The Intro to Injectables course is an introductory level course created for medical professionals looking to get into the field of cosmetic injectables.

Specialized Courses

We offer specialized training courses for medical professionals based on industry desires/needs.

1-on-1 Training and Mentorship

1-on-1 training and mentorship opportunities are available by request. Please contact us if you are interested in our mentorship program.

Why Injex Institute

Injex Institute

Professional injectables training for medical professionals. Get in touch today to learn about our upcoming courses.