Get the best Non-Surgical Nose Job in Toronto for Great Prices

Non-Surgical Nose Job – The “liquid rhinoplasty” is an ever-growing technique in Toronto and a great alternative to the traditional surgical rhinoplasty. The nose is one of the main parts of your face that can depict the uniqueness of how you look; some have sharp noses, some have chiselled, and some have projected or flat noses. You may have come across us since you’re having concerns with your nose. Here at Injex Beauty Clinic when it comes to concerns with your nose, we are here to help.
You may have been thinking of getting a nose job surgically but have some doubts as it is a very invasive and costly procedure. Here at Injex Beauty, we have perfected our non-surgical nose job technique so it can be done painlessly, with little downtime, and is very cost-effective.

This treatment may be the right one for you if you are looking to smooth out any bumps on your nose or looking to make it appear sharp and narrow. This may be the right treatment for you if you are unsure about committing to primary rhinoplasty, and looking for something that can be reversible. Going under a needle is certainly less risky and a much safer option than going under a knife for a traditional nose job.

Here, we take a look at some of the benefits of our non-surgical nose jobs.

Non-surgical nose job – The benefits

It is time to improve the shape of your nose and give it a beautiful contour. Some benefits include:


No scarring

Comparing with a traditional procedure such as a rhinoplasty there are risks of scarring due to incisional cuts made into the nose. However, with the non-surgical nose job procedure, there are no incisions made, and therefore no risks of scarring. The non-surgical procedure includes small painless injections that heal within a few days. With traditional rhinoplasty cartilage grafts are sometimes taken from your own ribs or ears to help build up your nose. With the non-surgical nose job we utilize safe and natural hyaluronic acid dermal filler as a great alternative to these more invasive alternatives.

Minimal downtime

With traditional surgical procedures there is long downtimes (sometimes between 2-3 months). With the latest technologies and non-surgical nose procedure, there are little to no side effects. The most common side effect we see from our non-surgical rhinoplasty is swelling that is usually resolved in a few days.

Instant results

Considering the rhinoplasty procedure, it can sometimes take a few months to see the final result of your nose due to the intense post-operative swelling and bruising. The non-surgical nose job can give you an improved nose in 30 minutes with beautiful natural results.

Wrap it up

There you are. Injex Beauty is a clinic based in Toronto that delivers exceptional results. Patients have reviewed the clinics and their experts with five star google reviews. The liquid rhinoplasty is a great solution to uplift your confidence and improve your appearance.

If you want a natural augmentation, that is cost efficient and will improve your confidence call Injex Beauty today to get in touch with our beauty experts.

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