Botulinum Toxin

Botulinum Toxin injections are best suited for individuals aged 30-50 who are just beginning to develop wrinkles. If you are on the lookout for the best Botox services in Toronto, you have to visit our premier medical spa in Yorkville.

Smoothing out wrinkles and preserving your youthful look, botulinum toxin works by relaxing the muscles that cause the development of facial wrinkles.


20-49 units – $12/unit

50-99 units: $10/unit

100+ units: $8/unit

With purchase of any other treatment – $8/unit

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Botulinum Toxin Injections

Preventative Anti-Aging

Anti-wrinkle treatments are very effective in preventing the development of deep facial lines and wrinkles. Botulinum Toxin is best suited for individuals aged 30-50 who are just beginning to develop wrinkles.

Common Treatment Areas

These are the horizontal lines that form on your forehead.

These are the “eleven” lines that appear between the eyebrows when frowning.
These are the fine lines that appear at the corner of the eyes when smiling or laughing.
These are vertical lines that extend from the corner of the mouth towards the chin.
The brows begin to droop as we age. Anti-wrinkle injections can be used to lift the brow and prevent the further development of droopy brows and resulting wrinkles.
These are vertical lines that develop between the nose and lips. They are also referred to as smoker’s lines.
This is caused by the upper lip “elevator” muscle exposing too much gum tissue. This can be corrected with botulinum toxin in the upper lip muscle to prevent the exposure of excess gum tissue when smiling.
This can be done in addition to or as a substitute for lip fillers if you are looking for a completely natural look for your lips. Botulinum toxin is injected into the Cupid’s Bow and the corners of the mouth, relaxing the muscle, causing the upper lip to flip outward and appear fuller.
This is caused by an overactive mentalis muscle. Anti-wrinkle injections can be used to relax the muscle and prevent the further development of chin wrinkles.
Anti-wrinkle injections can be used to relax enlarged masseter muscles caused from teeth grinding and excessive chewing. This procedure results in a slimmer looking face and can also help with teeth grinding.
These are vertical lines that run from the chin down towards the throat. Anti-wrinkle injections can be used to relax the platysma muscle to prevent the further development of these lines. Filler can also be used to address the horizontal “necklaces lines” that begin to appear as we age.
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What clients say about us

Injex Beauty Clinic is bright, airy and very clean. Nurse Bree is a master in what she does. She takes the time to discuss the results that you hope to achieve and educates you on the recommended treatment options. I have gone to other places for and fillers before finding Nurse Bree, and I was never as satisfied with my results as I have been since switching to her. I will follow you wherever you go, Nurse Bree!
Kate Jarvis
Loved my experience at Injex Beauty! Nurse Bree is the absolute best, really. This was my second time getting in my forehead and it was WAY better than the first time I got it (first time was at another clinic). She is so gentle, knowledgeable, and LISTENS! She walked me through exactly what she was going to do and made me feel confident and calm about the procedure. So so happy with the results! Also, the clinic is SUPER clean! Definitely going back and recommending to all my friends.
Sarah Golvin
Had the most amazing experience at Injexbeauty about a week ago. Nurse Breena was extremely professional, kind and exceptionally meticulous with her work. After having gone through various injectors, Injexbeauty definitely stands out as the best. If you’re looking to get any or fillers done, this is the only place I would recommend. Looking forward to my future appointments 🙂
Kamille G
Fantastic experience at Injex Beauty with Nurse Bree. She helped calm my anxieties about a new treatment by providing me with scientific and accurate explanations, all while being extra kind and helpful. Exactly how a nurse should be! Can't wait to go back.
Ana Steiu
Amazing place and service! Nurse Bree has become my new hero. I really can’t tell you how awesome this place is, professional, clean and so knowledgeable
Sahar Dawi
Nurse Bree is incredible. She is super patient, answers all of your questions, and is super professional yet friendly. The office is beautiful and very clean. I felt at ease during my treatment and was so incredibly happy with the results. She made my lips incredibly beautiful and also suggested some work she could do to fix some of the filler that it shifted from previous injections at another clinic. I also had some questions after the treatment and she was very quick to respond to me and help me through the healing process. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to injex beauty clinic! I’m a life long customer!
It was my first time getting and it was such a great experience. So glad Injex was recommended! Absolutely love the results.
Lauren C
Bree is absolutely amazing!! I cannot rave about her work enough. I have gone to quite a few injectors but had not found the level of care and attentive approach I wanted, always felt a bit dismissed tbh, and luckily nurse Bree was recommended to me in Toronto. Her approach is as conservative and slow as you need it to be, doesn't do anything outside of your comfort and keeps a keen eye on how you are feeling through the treatment. It was my first time doing injectables where I felt super comfortable and taken care of, was more than happy to do a few treatments and the results are so great. Excited to visit her again!
Aracy Di Marco

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